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UNIV 1000 - Cornerstone - Rhetorical Analysis

Finding quality news articles with LexisNexis

How to find quality news articles on political issues with LexisNexis.

Head to the Rod Library website –

Click on Databases A-Z

Click on “L” at the top of the page and then on “LexisNexis Academic”

Set LexisNexis to “News” by clicking on the  box and choosing the “All News” option

Next set LexisNexis to U.S. news by clicking on the  pulldown menu – checking the box for  and then clicking on 

How to search LexisNexis

LexisNexis has its own set of special commands to help you focus your search.

A search example for “climate change” and agriculture –

   atleast7(“climate change”)   AND  atleast9(farm! OR agricultur!)   AND  length>1000


For this search the phrase “climate change” must appear at least seven times in the article and either farm/farming/farmers or agriculture/agricultural must also show up in the same article at least nine times.  Finally, the article must be at least a thousand words long (essay length).