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LIBRARY 1030 - Beyond Google: An Introduction to Information Literacy: Announcements

Progress (Points) - Week 7

Week 7

 1000   A      Finish early

   930   A

   900   A –

   870   B +

   830   B

   800   B –

   770   C +

   730   C

   700   C –

   670   D +

   630   D

   600   D -  


Announcements - Week 7

Week 7 Announcements

The last week of classes! 

Aim for 930 points (or higher).





This last week of classes will focus on some of the powerful specialty databases, PsycINFO for research in psychology, PubMed for medical research, and ERIC for research in education.  We'll sharpen our research article finding skills and learn how one great article can quickly lead to finding many other related articles.  Finally, we take a look at interlibrary loan, a service that makes all libraries your library.



Required Exercise - Advice for Future Students:

Based on your experience - give some advice to the next generation of Beyond Google students.  



It's your turn to provide advice to future Beyond Google students.  Whether the course went well ... or perhaps "still to be determined" you can earn a quick 20 points by clicking on this Week 7 project, typing in a few lines of advice, and then providing a screen clipping (or screen capture, or print screen) of the Thanks for Your Response screen you'll see when you submit your advice.


You'll find lots of opportunities to earn points in the last week including::


  • Week 7 Practice (gives you a better understanding of PsycINFO, PubMed, and ERIC)   [worth up to 50 points]
  • Week 7 Quizlet  [worth up to 50 points]
  • Essay Exercise "The Shadow Scholar"  [worth up to 50 points]
  • Essay Exercise "tl;dr"  [worth up to 35 points]
  • The Internet Quiz  [worth up to 20 points]
  • Read, Reflect, Cite [two exercises worth up to 30 points]