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Vietnam War: Battle Maps: Ia Drang

Static Battle Maps

Cash, J. A. (1970). Fight at Ia Drang, 14-16 November 1965.  In J. Albright, J. A. Cash, & A. W. Sandstrum.  Seven firefights in Vietnam (CMH No. 70-4) (pp. 3-40).  Washington, DC: United States Army, Chief of Military History.
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book --
Also available in print at Rod Library UNI Docs D 114.2: V 67

Ott, D. E. (1975).  The Buildup: The Pleiku (Ia Drang) Campaign. In D. E. Ott. Vietnam studies: Field artillery, 1954-1973 (pp. 87-96).  Washington, DC: Department of the Army.
book --
Also available in print at Rod Library UNI Docs D 114.2:V 67/3

U. S. Department of Defense. Ia Drang - Vietnam, Battle of Ia Drang, 14 Nov – 20 Nov 1965
Accessible through

Bell, J. L., Jr. (2011).  Battle of Ia Drang.  In S. Tucker (Ed.). The Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A political, social, and military history (2nd ed., Vol. 2, pp. 527-529). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
Online access at ProQuest eBook Central
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Ia Drang and vicinity, 1965: Opening moves.

Moore, H. G., & Galloway, J. L. We were soldiers once...and young: Ia Drang: The battle that changed the war in Vietnam. New York: Random House.
Rod Library UNI Stacks DS 557.8 I18M66 1992 and Rod Library UNI Stacks DS 557.8 I18M66 2004
See especially maps of battle sequence pp. xvii-xx

Hickman, K. (2014, December 23). Vietnam War: Battle of Ia Drang 
Provides access to Ia Drang and Vicinity, 1965: Opening moves.

Animated Battle Maps -- Movement Visualized

Burbeck, J. (n.d.).  Ia Drang 1965 and the defense of landing zone X-rayThe War Times Journal.
3 animated maps with map key

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