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LGBTQ+ Literature in the UNI Youth Collection

An overview to LGBTQ+ Literature for children and young adults. Includes reference materials and titles of historical interest.

LGBTQIA Activists and Allies

Choosing Clothes That Are Right For You

Some of the characters in these books identify as transgender or gender non-conforming; others just want to wear clothes that look good and feel comfortable!

Celebrating Our Community and Our Differences

Gender Identity and Pronouns

Stories About Trans Kids

Same-Gender Crushes & Fairy Tales

Dolls & Sissies

While these books don't give us any information about their main characters' sexual orientations, they have been included in LGBTQ+ bibliographies because they introduced readers to young boys who had interests that defied stereotypes of what masculinity "should" be. They are included here for historical interest.

Families with Trans Parents

Families With Two Moms

Families With Two Dads

Other Family Stories