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CAP 3157 / RELS 3157 - Monsters, Vampires, and Religion: An Awesome Alliance

This guide supports students in the "Monsters, Vampires, and Religion" course as they work on their projects about monsters in a contemporary novel. Resources have been selected to support remote learning during summer 2020.

Search Advice

A few things to keep in mind while searching:

  • Broad search tools like OneSearch and Google Scholar will usually give you too many results. They are good places to use specific search terms.
  • Subject-specific databases like ATLA will often give you too few results. They are good places to start with broad search terms.
  • Look at abstracts and subjects terms on relevant articles to find other potential search terms.
  • Once you find something useful, or even something that's a neighbor to something useful, USE THE BIBLIOGRAPHY to find other sources, and look for other sources that cite that article. (There are instructions for this on the "Advanced Search Techniques" page.) Remember to also look for sources outside that one family tree of scholarship, though!
    • You can also look up your novel in Google Scholar to find scholarly papers that have cited it.
  • If you're not finding what you need or you're not sure how to interpret what you've found, please e-mail or make an appointment to meet with your librarian. Links are in the box on the left.

Broad Search Tools

Find Specific Databases

Some Possible Database Choices