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Guides for finding Primary Historical Sources - The Details

In depth guides and instructions for locating primary sources in using search engines and archives such as Google Books Advanced, HathiTrust, Chronicling America, Poole's Index, and Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature

Chronicling America (Library of Congress)

Advanced Search Options

Chronicling America Advanced Search Options


The Advanced Search of Chronicling America allows you to:

  • Limit to newspapers published in a specific state
  • Limit to a specific newspaper
  • Limit to a specific date or year or date range
  • Search for multiple words that are within 5, 10 or 50 words of each other



All Digitized Newspapers - Ethnicity and Language limits

Using the Ethnicity and Language limits in the "All Digitized Newspapers" option for Chronicling America


Identify historical newspapers published by specific ethnic communities or written in a specific language. Choose the “Ethnicity” option (or Language option) and then an ethnicity (or language): e.g., African American, Native American (Indians of North America), LatinX (Cuban, Filipino, Latin American, and Mexican). 

Then click on the Go icon

Identify a newspaper of interest (e.g., The Jackson Advocate) …

Chronicling America - The Jackson Advocate


Once a specific newspaper has been identified (by ethnicity or language) return to the Advanced Search - highlight this newspaper under the Select Newspapers option - and then search for your topic within that paper. 

Searching a specific newspaper in the advanced search option of Chronicling America





Library of Congress Research Guides and Search Strategies

Research Guides, Topics, and Search Strategies for Chronicling America


Consider the Recommended Topics and Help options offered by Chronicling America.



More Research Guides and Search Strategies