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FAM SERV 1030 - Research Methods

Library Day Slides

General/Interdisciplinary Databases

Focused Databases (shop around!)

Finding Journal Articles with a Citation

Timesaver Strategy!  Once you have found an article, borrow the citations to find more. Here's how:

How do I determine if the Rod Library has access to a known article?

If UNI doesn't own/subscribe to an article you need, feel free to request through Interlibrary Loan. If you need help with this process, see Anne Marie.

How research might feel

Research often intimidates students & feelings happen! Even library anxiety is a documented, measurable thing! Your librarian had it as a college student & really did have her history major roommate accompany her to Rod Library to check out a book.

Focus on what you're learning, both about your topic AND about the research process, to help motivate you to move forward. And remember that both your instructor and your librarian are here to help you get unstuck and make sense of the messiness at any point.

Feelings and messiness are normal in the research process, so you know you're not alone! This chart shows a common progression of feelings throughout research projects:

Research process feelings


Interlibrary Loan