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Technology LibGuide for Graduate Students

Using Google Docs as a Graduate Student

Google Docs is a useful tool for graduate students, especially when it comes to sharing documents with and receiving feedback from others. Below are several key functions of Google Docs and important tips on using the system properly.

When to Use Google Docs

Google Docs is most useful for drafting and collaborative work. Since Google Docs offers simple and streamlined ways to give and receive feedback, it is best to use the platform for preliminary work on a project. You can submit drafts to professors and peers this way. However, Docs does not offer easy printing or formatting capabilities, so it is best to transfer work to Microsoft Word for final formatting and printing.

Google Docs Training

Here is a link to a Google Docs guide. This guide offers training in the basics of Google Docs (such as creating, editing, and sharing) as well as more advanced features.

Google Docs Training Guide

Switching Between Google Docs and Word

Google Docs and Microsoft Office offer different advantages. At some point, you will likely need to convert files from one format into the other. Here are several helpful links for switching between the two formats.

Working with Microsoft Office Files in Google Drive: this link offers information on converting Office/Word files into Docs and saving Word files in your Google Drive.

Converting Google Docs Files to Word or PDF: this link offers information on converting Docs files into Word or PDF.

Other Google Tools

Jamboard is another useful Google tool. This instrument allows you to collaborate with others, brainstorm, and collect ideas in one place. Here is a link to a brief tutorial for Jamboard.