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HIST 4420 / 5420 - History of Ireland - Connors

Poole's Guide 1802-1906 and Reader's Guide 1890-1982 to Periodical Literature (primary)

              Poole's Index is a print index to nineteenth century periodical literature.  Poole's index is found on the first floor of the Rod Library in the UNI Index/Abstract section.                             Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature - Covers 1890 to Present

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1802-1906

Available in Print at UNI Index/Abstract AI3 .R48
(First Floor - Library Basement - Map Below)

Scanned Copies Available via HathiTrust

1802-1881 A-J (part 1)

1802-1881 L-Z (part 2)

1882-1886 Volume 2 (First Supplement) A-Z

1887-1891 Volume 3 (Second Supplement)  A-Z

1892-1896 Volume 4 (Third Supplement) A-Z

1897-1901 Volume 5 (Fourth Supplement) A-Z

1902-1906 Volume 6 (Fifth Supplement) A-Z

Reader's Guide Retrospective (database)  1890-1982

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (print) 1900-2003
UNI Index/Abstract AI3 .R48

​Nineteenth Century Reader's Guide
UNI Index/Abstract AI3 .


Once you have located an article
use the Magazine Finder to locate the article online
or to obtain the call number for locating 
the magazine in print (library basement)


If we don't own it - request through interlibrary loan.


Location of Print Indexes
(First Floor - Rod Library)

Poole's and Reader's Guide Indexes to Periodical Literature - First Floor - Rod Library                            


Palmer's Index to "the Times" Newspaper - aka "London Times" (primary)

HathiTrust - Digital Archive of Magazines and Book
Print Indexes - Palmer's index to the Times - London Times              

Digital copies of
Palmer's Index to the Times (London Times)

Online via HathiTrust

Covers 1790-1922, 1924, 1926-1927

Print version of
Palmer's Index to the Times (London Times)

To the right of the Reader's Guide
1st Floor (basement)
UNI Index/Abstract AI21 .T455

Covers 1790-1941