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Primary Sources - Advanced Methods

This guide directs the user to primary source options based on geographic location, time period, or social group. Includes best practices for searching.
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Where to find Primary Sources

There are many primary source options to choose from.

Options can be based on geographic location, time periods, and social groups.           



Geographic Location and Time Period Options


Iowa History


1836 - 1927 1928 - 2000


American History

1640 - 1849 1850 - 1927 1928 - 1979 1980 - 2000


World History  


Antiquity to Enlightenment      1790 - 1979              1980 - 2000        




Social Group Options



Asian (American)








Native (American)





More Options for Locating Additional Primary Historical Sources


Library Discovery Systems from Major Universities


Chicago Manual of Style Online