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Recreation, Tourism, and Nonprofit Leadership

Get Started

This page will assist you with assignments associated with this course as well as your thesis project. It highlights the more in-depth, yet essential, tips and tools needed to find information sources required for this course. If at any time you get stuck, please contact me (email: or schedule a meeting:

Search Databases

Your field of study is interdisciplinary which means that the 'best' database to use depends heavily on your topic. The list of databases listed below are not an exhaustive list, but a place to get started. If after trying some of the databases listed below you aren't having success, contact me (

Use Google Scholar

It is highly recommended that you use both library databases and Google Scholar to ensure you have done a comprehensive search of the literature. The resources below cover both the basic functions of Google Scholar as well as some of the advanced tools to optimize your search.

Find Books & eBooks

We have a mix of print books (mostly found in the Stacks) and electronic (eBook) books. Any questions about locating specific books can either be directed to the library chat which is located in the lower right-hand corner of this page or by emailing me (