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Get Started on Your Assignment

In TESOL 6100, both your Lesson Plans and Final Paper assignments require you to locate and effectively use outside resources. This page can guide your process from the location of effective resources to using them ethically. 

Class Workshop (9/7)

Search Databases

Databases allow you to search lots of content at once. Unfortunately, each database contains different published content depending on its scope.


**Grad Student Tip: If you use OneSearch, you will want to utilize the filters on the side and be ready to research the journals in which the articles you find are published. All published content is not created equal or held in the same regard.**



Browse Discipline-Specific Journals

Browsing prominent journals in the field can give you insight into current scholars and trends in the research. This can be a great tactic for brainstorming topics as well as locating current terminology in the field. 

Here are links to a few highly regarded journals, you can locate others in OneSearch.