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POL GEN 4175 - Women and Politics

This guide provides ready access to the best resources for locating scholarly research on women and politics. Examples are provided for each resource to demonstrate the most efficient way to locate relevant information.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Pro – very large

Pro – most cited articles tend to appear first

Con – recent articles will not appear unless the publication date is limited (e.g. Since 2020)

Con – only a fraction of the results will be from peer-reviewed journals (no way to limit to this)

Con – only an even smaller fraction will be empirical studies (no way to limit to this)

Con – only about 400 results are actually available (despite the number posted at the top of the page)

Con – not a political science database

Con – can’t search by subject or abstract and no truncation or Boolean operators


Google Scholar example - women and politics and the United States

Google Scholar search example - women and politics in the United States


Google Scholar - limiting to publication date and keywords in the title