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The New York Times All Access Academic Pass

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Rod Library provides access to the for anyone with a valid UNI email address through an academic group pass.  Individual registration is required. With your account, you will have full access to the extensive breaking news, world news, and multimedia of The New York Times.

What does this All Access Academic Pass include?


This education tool offers more than just unlimited news access on, below is a brief recap:

Archives (9/18/1851 through 12/31/2002) ( 5 PDF article downloads from Times Machine per day per user) 

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality - found in the Mobile App; NYT stories told through enhanced technology

Podcasts (including The "Daily" podcast)

 All Multimedia, including videophotographyVR features, and new multimedia to come.

Newsletters : Over 80 newsletters such as WellClimate ForwardIn Her Words, and more.

Up-to-date technology to make Accessible with features such as closed caption and screen reader interface.

Spanish and Mandarin Chinese  translated versions of