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Access New York Times

How to Create Your All Access Academic Account

How to Create Your Account

  1. Using an incognito browser window, navigate to Access NYT. 

    • If you get a security warning using Google Chrome or Firefox, click 'Ignore' 'Advanced' or 'Accept' to proceed. 

  2. Type University of Northern Iowa and select.

    • If on-campus, click 'Here'

    • If off-campus, click 'Go' and login with your UNI CatID username and password. 

  3. Click 'Create Account.'​

  4. Enter your '' email address, create a password, and click 'Create Account'

  5.  Select your status. 

    • Students will need to enter their expected graduation year.  

    • Faculty and staff will have to renew their account every four years. 

  6. Click 'Sign-up' to complete registration. 

  7. Start reading and searching for content at  Now that your account is created, you do not need to go through the library's website.

    • To confirm you are logged in, click 'Account' in the upper right hand corner and look for your email address. 

  8.  What if I already subscribe to the NYTimes with my UNI email address? 

    • If you have an unpaid/free NYTimes account: do not click "Create Account" on the welcome page; click "Already have an account? Log in here."  Log in with your existing NYT username / password.  This will link your existing username / password to the UNI academic pass.

    • If you have a paid subscription for the NYTimes: ​​​​​​​You will need to cancel your account before it can be associated with the UNI academic pass. ​​​​​​​Cancel through customer care: / 800-591-9233 / Chat   Once canceled, your username can then be associated with the UNI academic pass.