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ELEMECML 3164 - Teaching Elementary School Social Studies

Resources for various sections of ELEMECML 3164 are sorted by instructor's last name.

"Our Navy" - Thesis on the WAVES program at ISTC

Thesis by Marissa Krein on the history of the WAVES program at Iowa State Teacher's College during 1942-1945.  Thesis completed in 2015 at the University of Northern Iowa and available via this link to the archived manuscript housed in UNI ScholarWorks

Navy WAVES Training Gallery - Columbia University

NAVY WAVES Training Gallery - World War II - This collection provides seven images of the WAVES program on the Cedar Falls - ISTC Campus - as well as images of other WAVES programs across the country. (Columbia University)


WAVES on Campus - UNI Digital Collections

WAVES on Campus website and portal to the UNI Rod Library Digital Collections for the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service program that was based on the Iowa State Teacher's College from 1942 to 1945.

The WAVES at Cedar Falls - Gladys Whitley Hearst

Palimpsest article - The WAVES at Cedar Falls - by Gladys Whitley Hearst - published on December 1, 1947


While So Serviing - Book Documenting the 86,000 WAVES

Hart, Eleanor., Welling, Harriet. (1947). “While So Serving.” New York: R.W. Kelly Pub. Corp. Retrieved from HathiTrust.  - Picture book (brochure) dedicated to and documenting some of the 86,000 women who served as WAVES in the U.S. Navy.

What Comes of Training Women for War

Schaffter, D., American Council on Education. Commission on Implications of Armed Services Educational Programs. (1948). “What Comes of Training Women for War.” Washington: American Council on Education. Retrieved from HathiTrust - Work documenting the educational techniques and training and of women for the World War II  WAVES, WAC, SPAR, and MCWR programs.  The work is divided into three parts - Overview, Women in Military Aviation, and Women in Medical, Nursing, and Related Services.  Includes statistical tables.