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ELEMECML 3164 - Teaching Elementary School Social Studies

Resources for various sections of ELEMECML 3164 are sorted by instructor's last name.

Primary Sources - A Few Suggestions

History Lesson Suggestions (plus a few primary sources)

Some Suggested Google Searches for Finding Resources

Here are various Google (or Bing) searches that might help you uncover more primary source treasures for your elementary school students:

"primary sources"  "elementary school"  "history"

"primary sources"  "elementary"  "libguide"

"digital archives"  "history"  "elementary school"

Note - "libguide" is a type of software used by librarians to pull together or curate the best materials they can find on the web.  When you search Google or Bing and include the word "libguide" you're crowdsourcing some pretty helpful folks!

What ARE you searching?