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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Finding Sources for Media Assignment

Keywords to Use

Below is a list of example keywords, and is not an exhaustive list. In every search except searches in ComDisDome, consider adding the phrase, "speech therapy" as one of the keywords.

   PTSD or “post traumatic stress disorder”

   treat* (treatment, treated, treats, etc.)

   TBI or “traumatic brain injury”

   therap* (therapist, therapy, therapeutic, etc.)

   autism or asperger's

   interven* (intervention, intervene, etc.)

   aphasia or stroke

   diagnos* (diagnosis, diagnostic, etc.)

   stutter* or fluency

   “speech disorder”

   dysphagia or swallowing

   “memory loss”

   family or caregiver

   “social stories”

   class* or school

   “intellectual disabilities”


Search Example
Search example in Communication & Mass Media Complete Database