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Technical Writing for Engineering Technologists

Reports Assignment

For this project, you will be researching a topic or issue connected to sustainable housing. You will then decide on the kind of report or white paper you will be creating. Depending on your purpose and your audience, you may want to utilize a variety of different source types as support. 

This guide offers a variety of library sources to consider as well as guidance for more effectively searching the open web. You can always reach out to your librarian for additional support!

Construction Management and Business Resources

These library resources contain articles and ebooks for construction management and business-related topics.

To get started, try the Library Catalog (OneSearch), as it can do a wide search of our physical resources as well as many (although not all) of our online resources. Contains Building Design and Construction; Construction and Building Materials; Construction Innovation; Custom Builder; Engineering, Construction, and Architectural Management; and International Journal of Construction Management; International Journal of Construction Project Management; International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built EnvironmentAlthough you may need to Interlibrary Loan the most recent articles.

Unfortunately, OneSearch cannot search all of our databases for you, so in addition to one search, if there is a specific type of information you are looking for to write your report, you might want to dig into a specific database.

Searching Open(ish) Resources

Sometimes one of the best resources at our fingertips is the open web. With that said, however, there are some tips and tricks to make Google work better for you.

Sometimes what you want is freely available on the web, and you need search strategies to locate it. For example, municipal building codes, OSHA safety and health regulations, various standards from government and organizational entities, etc. An advanced Google search can save you a ton of time.

screenshot of Google Advanced Search

Online Trade Publications

Peruse their websites or flip through the digital editions of their magazines. HINT: Remember those Google Advanced trips we learned? You can use those to search these specific websites for keywords.

Professional Organizations and Associations

There are more of these than I can count. I've included a few examples to get you started but feel free to search any professional organization's websites that align with your work. While some material may be behind a paywall for members, it's a great place to keep an eye on recent developments and news from the profession.

Government Resources