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UNIV 1000 - Cornerstone - Groninga

Find Credible Websites

To quickly locate credible websites on unfamiliar topics search for university (.edu) and US Government (.gov) sponsored websites. 

Reasons to consider US Government and university websites: 

  • Well-funded research. The US Government and large universities spend billions of dollars on research 
  • Peer-review. Both the US Government and universities have well-established systems were experts review the work of other experts

Example: Find websites on folk dance from university websites.

Google search of "folk dance"

Example: Find websites on farming regulations from university websites. 

Google search for "farming regulations"

Example: Find websites on microplastics from US Government websites:

Google search for microplastics

Example: Find websites on climate change from US Government websites. 

Google search for "climate change"

Step-by-Step Guides 

Use the step-by-step instructions below to use Google effectively and efficiently.