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Research Tips

For your Group Research Assignment, you will be collaboratively researching a movement in theatre history. You will want to find and read about the movement in books and encyclopedias to get a good overview of the movement, its importance, features. From there you will need to identify major theatrical works, playwrights, and key figures. You should favor high-quality, "good" sources written by theatre researchers and experts.

Below are sources you can consult to find the information you need.

Library Catalog

Search Tips

  • Try putting the title of a play, book, article, or theatrical movement in quotes to improve your search results. Examples: "Waiting for Godot" or "Theatre of the Absurd"
  • Add a playwright or author last name to a title with the operator AND between the terms. Example: "Waiting for Godot" AND Beckett
  • Look at the Description in the catalog record to see if a book or article may include information about your topic, even if the title does not seem immediately relevant. Example: Messiahs and Machiavellians: Depicting Evil in Modern Theatre includes information about Beckett's play Waiting for Godot and places it in a historical context.

Finding Scholarly Sources

Scholarly sources include articles published in peer-reviewed journals as well as books published by academic publishers and university presses. You can find some of these sources in the Library Catalog, but there are databases you may find helpful, too. Here are a few of the best for theatre.


Use the same search tips and techniques in databases that you use to search the Library Catalog.

Overview Sources


Here are a few books that include information about the theatre movement known as Realism. You may find some more useful than others are you work on your project. These books will get you started, but won't be enough on there own.

Theatre of the People / Activism Theatre

Epic Theatre

Theatre of the Absurd / Theatre of the Hilarious