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Amandajean Nolte
LIB 370

Resources for Workshop (8/30/2023)

Getting started with (re)search

While working on your Master of Arts in Art Education, you will be presented with a variety of information needs. Whether completing your own research, searching for other's research, or finding resources to support information you are creating; you will come up against information systems meant to support you, but take some learning to navigate and understand.

Rod Library is here to help. As distance students you are entitled to the same support as your on-campus peers. Whether resources or services, we are here to support you.

Your librarian

Each program and department has a librarian assigned to it. Your librarian is aa valuable member of your team. Our job is to work with your faculty to support information usage and creation. Reach out to me anytime whether through email or by making an appointment.

Your databases

Databases allow you to search lots of content at once. Unfortunately, each database contains different published content depending on its scope.





Your publications

Other Resources to Know

Interlibrary Loan (is your friend)

Contrary to what Google would have you believe, most information is not free. Rod Library pays a lot of money for the resources you access through our databases, unfortunately, budgets never go as far as we wish they would. If we do not have access to the material you need, our Interlibrary Loan staff will try to get it for you. 

In addition to filling out the form, many of our databases include a yellow "Find It" button. yellow find it button

This button will sometimes open the article's full-text from another product to which we subscribe. However, if we do not have full-text access, it will take you to a library catalog (OneSearch) screen where you can "Request from ILLiad."

NOTE: You must sign in to your Rod Library account using your CatID to see this option in the library catalog.

Google Scholar (may or may not be)

Rod Library Google Scholar search bar

Google Scholar is a wonderful tool for your toolbox, but like any other tool, it cannot be the only one you use. Use Google Scholar with eyes wide open and 

  1. access it through the Rod Library homepage to also access UNI-accessible PDFs.
  2. evaluate the results (including checking the journal's credibility in which the article was published).
  3. Use it IN ADDITION to other databases, not in replacement of them. 
  4. do not pay for research! Utilize ILL or email your librarian for help.