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Art and Graphic Design

Genealogy of a Stereotype

The Bather by William Homer (watercolor of Black men swimming in the Bahamas in 1899)

For this paper, you are investigating an aspect of race and the visual representation of that race in a historical context.

You will need scholarly resources and visual representation to substantiate your claims.

This guide should help you begin locating this evidence.

Workshop Materials (Spring 2024)

Locating Books (and book chapters)

Rod Library

Most art books are on the 4th floor (K-Z call numbers). You are encouraged to browse the collection for inspiration.

Third floor

AM Museums
BH Aesthetics

GT 500-2370
 Costume, Dress, Fashion

Fourth floor

N Visual Arts (General)
 Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration
Print Media
 Decorative Arts
 Arts in General
PN 6700-6790 Graphic Novels, Comic Books (also some in Youth)
TP 785-869 Ceramics
Industrial Design, Product Design
 Crafts and Fashion
Z 4-276 
Book Arts, Letterpress, Typography

OneSearch results with Source Limiters selected

Locating Scholarly Articles

Locating Art Examples

standard symbol for copyright – circled CEthical considerations: Just as you cite your information sources, be sure to cite your image sources. Giving credit is the right thing to do!

Legal considerations: Do be aware images found in these resources may be subject to Copyright Law. While coursework that stays in your course is often covered under the Fair Use doctrine, images used outside the educational context are subject to copyright restrictions. 

Library Resources

Many of the design books in Rod Library include high-quality images. You can pull the books off the shelves and flip through them to determine whether they have mages, or you can look at the record in the library catalog. Scroll down to the About section of the record. The "Format" field will tell you how long the book is, whether there are illustrations (pictures) and whether they are in color. This record shows that not only does this book include color illustrations, but the illustrations are chiefly (mostly) in color. records of books with illustrations will be noted in the Format field

Rod Library offers KIC Scanners if you want to make copies of these images and email them to yourself as a PDF. I also recommend the Adobe Scan App, which you can use free right from your phone.

Web Resources

Open web/Google Image searches

Some web searching will lead you to images (as will a Google Image search). Do be aware these searches are not exhaustive (most notably missing works in museums and archives). They often are low-quality versions of these images.

One way I use these images is as a gateway for where to locate other sources that aren't easily found with a simple Google search. For example, the following Guardian article contains the Winslow Homer watercolor above. What is really great about this image, however, is that it credits The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, so I can trace it down to ensure I have a quality copy.

Museum and Archives Collection (selected--not inclusive)