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Art and Graphic Design

UNI Museum Poster Objects

Group Poster Project: Bibliography

For this assignment you need 6-8 scholarly sources to support the creation of your poster. Rod Library provides access to a multitude of sources you might find useful for this project. 


Specific Journals to Search or Browse (access through Rod Library)

General journals about Africa

Journals focusing on African Art

Journals Focusing on African Religions

Art History Journals

How to search resources UNI does not own or subscribe to

Your professor shared links to the homepage of a few academic journals that Rod Library does not currently subscribe to. We might still be able to get those articles for you, but you need to be aware of some things.

  1. You will be prompted to pay for full-text access when you search these publication websites. DO NOT DO THIS! Instead, submit an Interlibrary Loan Request for Rod Library to order the article for you or contact your librarian to assist you.
  2. Each of these publication websites is different. They can be finicky, but many have a search bar or a place to search in the publication using keywords. 
  3. Unlike some of our databases that can search many journals simultaneously, this method requires you to search each journal individually. Because you're working in a group, this could be a task you divvy up among your peers to save time. Consider brainstorming search terms together so you all work from the same understanding of your topic. 

Other Resources to Know

Interlibrary Loan (is your friend)

Contrary to what Google would have you believe, most information is not free. Rod Library pays a lot of money for the resources you access through our databases, unfortunately, budgets never go as far as we wish they would. If we do not have access to the material you need, our Interlibrary Loan staff will try to get it for you. 

In addition to filling out the form, many of our databases include "Find It" buttons.  yellow find it button

These buttons will sometimes open the article's full text from another product we subscribe to. However, if we do not have full-text access, they will take you to a library catalog (OneSearch) screen where you can "Request from ILLiad."

NOTE: You must sign in to your Rod Library account using your CatID to see this option in the library catalog.

Google Scholar (may or may not be)

Google Scholar search

Google Scholar is a wonderful tool for your toolbox, but like any other tool, it cannot be the only one you use. Use Google Scholar with eyes wide open and 

  1. ensure you have "Library Links" for the University of Northern Iowa enabled to access more UNI-accessible PDFs.
  2. consider using the "Advanced Search" options to narrow your search.
  3. evaluate the results (including checking the credibility of the journal in which the article was published).
  4. Use it IN ADDITION to other databases, not in replacement of them. 
  5. do not pay for research! Utilize ILL or email your librarian for help.

Chicago: Online Resources & Style Guide