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Group Podcast Project: Bibliography

For this assignment, you need a minimum of ten scholarly sources to support the creation of your podcast. At least five must be scholarly books and at least five must be either peer-reviewed journal articles or chapters from edited volumes. Rod Library provides access to a multitude of sources you might find useful for this project. 


You should not only locate sources about your artist and your selected artwork. You need to understand the period in which your artist made this work and the larger themes or concepts related to this work. This means starting by gathering sources that help you understand what you should be searching for in the first place. These sources will not show up in your bibliography but will inform your locating of the sources that will. 

Some things to look for 

  • is there an entry on your artist
  • the medium they used
  • the movement of which they were a part

A regular open Google search can also be an okay entry point to gathering information for searching, but know not everything you find online will be reliable and most of it will not count towards your bibliography. Use advanced search strategies to narrow your Google search to make them more useful. 

Locating Books (and book chapters)

Rod Library

Most art books are on the 4th floor (K-Z call numbers). You are encouraged to browse the collection for inspiration.

Third floor

AM Museums
BH Aesthetics

GT 500-2370
 Costume, Dress, Fashion

Fourth floor

N Visual Arts (General)
 Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration
Print Media
 Decorative Arts
 Arts in General
PN 6700-6790 Graphic Novels, Comic Books (also some in Youth)
TP 785-869 Ceramics
Industrial Design, Product Design
 Crafts and Fashion
Z 4-276 
Book Arts, Letterpress, Typography

OneSearch results for "andy warhol" with source type limiters highlighted

Across Libraries

WorldCat search for "Andy Warhol" with how to access highlighted

Interlibrary Loan

WorldCat has an Interlibrary Loan widget embedded in the discovery system, but you can also use that service if you find a book in other ways.

Locating Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles



Chicago: Online Resources & Style Guide