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Company Information Research

This guide provides you with a starting point for researching companies.

Public Companies

Publicly-held companies that meet certain size thresholds are required to file disclosure documents such as Form 10-K with the SEC. Form 10-K reports follow a format prescribed by the SEC and include a business overview, strategies, and competition (see Part I, Item 1 of 10-K); audited financial statements; discussion of products, markets, and distribution channels; names of subsidiaries; and information on management and ownership.

Such companies also usually issue annual reports to shareholders which include audited financial statements, the President's Letter, and glossy photos and other graphical information on products and results. Recent annual reports to shareholders are usually available at the corporate website under a heading such as Investor Relations.

Information about publicly-held companies not required to file documents with the SEC may be available through other sources.  You can you usually locate a public company's 10-K and other SEC Filings on the "Investor" section of the company's web site. The following library databases also contain this relevant financial information. 

EDGAR Help Guide provides a breakdown of what each SEC Filing contains.

  • Search Tip: Use the [Government Filings] tab to search for SEC filings
  • Search Tip: The [Executive Search] tab consists of sub-sections, detailing various aspects of the company. Information includes a business summary, company history, list of properties owned by the company, subsidiaries (including percentage owned and geographic location), business segments (the business and geographic revenue analyses for major segments of the company’s business operations), financials, long-term debt, capital stock and earnings estimates.
  • Search Tip: The [Report Viewer] tab allows you to create custom reports, including company-industry comparison reports.
  • Search Tip: Use the Guided Search.  Click on Company Info and then select the information you need under ...and show me.

​​​​​​​Nexis Uni Guided Search Graphic for Company Info

Stocks, Bonds, Funds

The following tools are resources that provide current and/or historic stock, bonds, and fund prices.  If looking for background information, search OneSearch using the search terms "Stocks and/or Bond" or browse the UNI Stacks in the HG4000 - HG4999 section on the 3rd Floor.

Private Companies

Historical Stock Prices