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Historical Magazines - Digitized, Print, and Microfilm - (The Magazine Finder)

This guide provides an index of digitized historical magazines available via archives such as HathiTrust and Google Books as well as historical magazines found in print and microfilm format within the UNI Rod Library

How to find articles in magazines published between 1982 and the present --- Readers' Guide and Gale Academic OneFile (both UNI only)

Gale Academic OneFile provides access to magazines from 1980 to the present.


Academic Search Elite - EBSCO - is a good database for finding magazines.




The Database Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature covers magazine literature from 1982 to the present.








Google Books Magazines provides free online access to roughly 150 different magazines during the period 1982 to the present.

Most magazines published between 1982 and the present are NOT freely available online 
due to copyright restrictions.


The majority of magazines owned by Rod Library during this time period are either
in print or available online through various restricted UNI Rod Library databases such
as Gale Academic OneFile and Academic Search Elite (EBSCO).



Articles contained in print magazines can be discovered using the database
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature
(covers the years 1982 to the present).

The use of Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature is restricted to
UNI students, faculty and visitors to the UNI Rod Library.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature will provide the title, the author (if listed), 

the name of the magazine, the month, and the year the article was published, 
the volume of the magazine, and the page numbers.


To find an article listed in Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature you will also need
a call number. This call number is then used to find the the magazine within the
bound print periodical collection located on the first floor (basement) of
UNI Rod Library  (see the maps of the first floor in this guide).  


To get a magazine call number use either the this guide (Magazine Finder) or use
the "Journal Search" found on the UNI Rod Library website.




Google Books Magazines provides free access to portions of roughly
150 magazines during this time period.