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Historical Magazines - Digitized, Print, and Microfilm - (The Magazine Finder)

This guide provides an index of digitized historical magazines available via archives such as HathiTrust and Google Books as well as historical magazines found in print and microfilm format within the UNI Rod Library

Where to find the Print Historic Magazine Collection --- Rod Library 1st Floor (Basement)

Location of the print historic magazines in the basement (first floor) of the UNI Rod Library - call number UNI Periodicals AP2

Magazine Call Numbers


American Magazine - AP2 .A265

Atlantic - AP2 .A85

Catholic World - AP2 .C78

Collier's - AP2 .C65

Ebony - AP2 .E165

Harper's Weekly - AP2 .H32

Independent - AP2 .I53

Ladies Home Journal - AP2 .L135

Leslie's Illustrated - AP2 .L473

Living Age - AP2 .L653

Look - AP2 .L79

Nation - AP2 .N2

National Review - AP2 .N3545

New Republic - AP2 .N624

New Yorker - AP2 .N6763

Newsweek - AP2 .N6772

Progressive - AP2 .P8655

Reader's Digest - AP2 .R255

Scribner's (Century) - AP2 .S37


Literary Magazines (nearby at AP4)

Blackwood's Magazine - AP4 .C68

Contemporary Review - AP4 .C73

Edinburgh Review - AP4 .E34

Fortnightly Review - AP4 .F67

The Progressive - AP4 .P8655

Spectator (Britain) - AP4 .S73

Locations of other historical magazines at call numbers UNI Periodicals HF, HQ, JK, T, TT, and TX


Other Favorite Magazines                                                                                     

Business Week - HF5001 .B89 

Ms. - HQ1101 .M55

U.S. News & World Report - JK1 .U65                                     


Scientific American - T1 .S5                 

Vogue - TT500 .V73

Good Housekeeping TX1 .G66