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Interior Design

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a stack of scholarly journals on a table, including the Journal of Interactive Marketing

Scholarly journals contain peer-reviewed articles sharing original research by experts in their field. These research studies can include but are not limited to empirical or case studies and utilize qualitative or quantitative methods. Here are some examples of scholarly journals relevant to interior design research.



Find Scholarly Journal Articles

Trade Publications are periodicals written by and for practitioners. You will find descriptions of projects and other useful information you can use to develop your designs. The articles in trade publications are not peer reviewed and may not contain rigorous research methods.

White papers are reports providing authoritative information on a topic. They are designed to help readers understand a topic or set of issues quickly. They can be persuasive in nature and can lead readers to decisions, solutions, and even products or services. Companies may call these "resources" on their websites. They are extremely useful sources of information for interior design professionals.