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Scholarly Communication: Information and Resources for the UNI Community

Contact Information

Questions can be directed to members of the Rod Library Scholarly Communication Committee by using the email:

Scholarly Communication Committee Members:

  • Janet Croft,
    • Associate University Librarian, Content Discovery, Rod Library
  • James Demastes, Department of Biology, 
    • Professor, Department of Biology
  • ​​Maggie Heretakis,
    •  Preaward Specialist, Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Chris Neuhaus, 
    • Reference Librarian, Rod Library
  • Ellen Neuhaus
    • Digital Scholarship Librarian, Rod Library
  • Clint Wrede,
    • Cataloger Librarian, Rod Library

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What is Scholarly Communication and Why Should I Care About It?

Scholarly communication is a multi-faceted term that encompasses various aspects of research and scholarship.  It can be defined succinctly as "the system of people, procedures, and tools through which the results of research and scholarship are registered, evaluated, disseminated, and preserved" (Ober, 2008)

Issues that may be considered under the umbrella of scholarly communication include:

  • Authors’ rights,
  • Open access and other publishing models,
  • Control of intellectual property,
  • Copyright, 
  • Cost of commercial publications,
  • Role of scholarly associations,
  • Preservation of intellectual property, and
  • Institutional repositories. 
These issues impact:
  • Collaborative research,
  • An author's use and dissemination of his or her work,
  • The accessibility of unpublished and published books, articles, and other products, and
  • The archiving of scholarly output. 
Decisions made in these areas may have a broad impact in the classroom, in the conduct of research, and the ways in which research and scholarship are shared.  The position that an academic institution takes on these matters can affect not only its students, faculty, and staff, but also its standing and reputation. 
               - Association of College & Research Libraries publication
Scholarly Communication news at Rod Library:
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