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Government Information

Covers federal, state and local government resources as well as international resources


Locating Maps in Rod Library  

Location codes for maps in OneSearch

Maps and atlases can also be found in UNI Docs, UNI Stacks, UNI Ref Desk, UNI Ref, UNI Spec Col, etc.

Atlas and map G call number ranges
Location Atlas Map
World 1021 (1976-) 3200-3202
North America 1105-1107 3300-3302
United States 1200-1204 3700-3704
Iowa 1430-1434 4150-4154
South America 1700-1702 5200-5202
Europe 1797.2-1797.22 (1976-) 5700-5702
Great Britain 1812.2-1812.22 (1976-) 5740-5742
Asia 2200-2202 7400-7402
Africa 2445-2447 8200-8202
Australasia 2740-2742 8950-8952
Australia 2750-2754 8960-8964


Folded vs. flat
City, state country maps remain folded, thematic maps get flattened

If there is no call number in the record or on the item it is a folded map and is in map cabinets; if it has an LC call number it is a flat map
Aerial photos on CD
We have Cedar Falls/Waterloo aerials photos in print (1985 and 1999 series) and on CD-Rom (100 scales and 400 scales). The CD-Rom photos are in the second to last drawer of the tall Docs CD-Rom cabinet.
Layout for print aerial photos of Cedar Falls/Waterloo
      15/669 14/623 13/577
      15/667 14/621 13/575
    16/711 15/665 14/619 13/573
    16/709 15/663 14/617 13/751
    16/707 15/661 14/618 13/569
  17/751 16/705 15/659 14/613 13/567
  17/749 16/703 15/657 14/611 13/565
18/793 17/747 16/701 15/655 14/609 13/563
18/791 17/745 16/699 15/653 14/607  


Electronic sources of maps
Iowa Geographic Map Server
David Rumsey Map Collection
Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection

Map Collections

American Geographical Society Library:

Map Division, NYPL:

NGDA Globetrotter National Geospatial Digital Archive; University of California, Santa Barbara
Searchable cache of over 15,000 cartographic materials in a variety of formats.

Stanford Map Collection Index:

The University of Chicago Library Map Collection
This is a guide to the maps contained in library. There is a sizable collection of digitized maps of Chicago and additional locations.

Locating/Purchasing Maps

East View Cartographic:
"Browse, buy and search online from more than 7,000,000 worldwide maps, geospatial data products, and geographic locations."  Choices include: topographic, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), vector, imagery, atlases/books, geological/thematic, and nautical.

GIS Digital Spatial Data Clearinghouse:
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Index Maps:
Index maps of maps put out by the U.S. Army Map Service (AMS) and the Great Britain, War Office, General Staff: Geographical Section (GSGS). Order numbers of the maps highlighted on the index maps are given. It is not clear whether these maps are still available for ordering.

MapRecord Publications:
A reference work describing antique maps and listing their values.

National Geographic Magazine Map Collection:
Contains maps which accompanied the National Geographic Magazine for the last 100 years. Maps can be seen but this collection is designed to be used as a source for ordering copies of these maps. Many are topical.

The Royal Geographical Society: (London) The image library includes maps which are both historical and modern and can be purchased.

USGS Topographic Maps
7.5 minute quadrangles for sale

Understanding Maps and Cartography

Dictionary of Abbreviations and Acronyms in Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, and Remote Sensing (Regents of the University of California)

Gallery of Map Projections: (Paul B. Anderson)
Includes maps showing different types of map projections. Also includes publications and presentations by map professionals.
"Geocode any North American location."

How to convert decimal degrees into degrees, minutes, seconds (Matt Rosenberg)

How to Measure Distances on a Map (Matt Rosenberg)

Isolines: ( geography)

Journal of Spatial Science (Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia)

Map History: The History of Cartography (WWW-Virtual Library History)
This site covers journals and newsletters related to the history of cartography.

Mathematical Data for Bibliographic Descriptions of Cartographic Material and Spatial Data : (by Jan Smits)
Includes a section on "Petermann's bar scale values" that lists ways of measuring distance by country and gives the metric equivalent.

Mathematics of Cartography: (Cynthia Lanius)

Relief Shading:
Provides information about shaded relief in mapping.

Shaded Relief: (Tom Patterson, U.S. National Park Service) Examples, articles and tutorials of shaded relief mapping.

Topographic Map Symbols: (U.S. Geological Survey)
Assists in understanding topographic maps.

Cartographic and Mapping Organizations

Association of American Geographers

North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS): Professional organization. Produces the journal Cartographic Perspectives (UNI Periodicals GA 101 C334)
Includes a list of university cartographers and cartographic labs in the U.S.