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Government Information

Covers federal, state and local government resources as well as international resources

Databases and General Online Government Document Resources

These databases will help you in finding government documents at the federal level.

Federal Depository Library Program

Federal Depository Library Logo

Rod Library has been part of the Federal Depository Library Program since 1946.  Rod Library receives approximately 35% of government information distributed through the Government Printing Office (GPO).  Our government documents collection is located in the north-central area on the first (bottom) floor of Rod Library.  In addition, there are a significant number of government documents available online. 

Secret Search Tip

Sometimes finding a government document is like looking for a needle in the haystack! What to do?  If you do a Google search and include at the end of your search, Google will limit the results to government websites only.  How nifty is that?!

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