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Iowa Historical Newspapers

Des Moines Register (1871-present)

Current and previous titles.  The dates listed are held on microfilm in Rod Library.  All of its titles are filed chronologically under Des Moines Register.

Des Moines Register (Oct. 1, 1916- present)
The Des Moines Register and Leader or Register and Leader (July 1902 - Sept. 30, 1916)

The following two titles, the Register and the Leader, merged in 1902 as listed above. 

Previous titles: Iowa State Register, Iowa Daily State Register, Daily Iowa State Register (have 1871- 1902; missing some years; see library catalog for list of exact holdings)                 

Des Moines Daily Leader, Des Moines Leader (1896 - 1900, missing some issues; see library catalog for list of exact holdings)



Des Moines Register Indexes


Print and Microfiche Des Moines Register Index:

UNI Index/Abstract AI 21 .D45; Dates covered: 1975-1987

UNI Microfiche; Dates covered: 1986-1992