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Research in Education

Resources and examples of techniques for researchers in educational psychology, foundations, and leadership studies (EPFLS).

Adjusting the Publication Date (Getting to Recent Research)

Google Scholar ranks your results in part based on the number of times an article has been cited.  Since it takes a while for even the best research articles to accumulate a large number of citations this means that Google Scholar will tend to display older research.


To adjust your results so that you can view results from a particular year - or so you can view the most recent research - use one of the date options found on the left-hand side of the page.

Google Scholar - Find it @ UNI - Off Campus Solutions

When you use Google Scholar on campus, Google Scholar will supply the Find it! @ UNI software that allows you to access very expensive research (paid for by UNI ... and your tuition dollars)








However, if you are off campus Google Scholar will not automatically supply the "Find it! @ UNI" unless you either ...


... access Google Scholar from this guide, or access Google Scholar via the "Databases A-Z" link, or directly from the link on the library homepage.





... or you change the Google Scholar settings on the computer you are using off campus as follows:

1.  Click on the three stacked bars (box) in the upper left-hand corner of Google Scholar

2.  Click on the settings wheel         

3.  Click on the Library links option   

4.  Type Iowa into the blank and click on the search button

5.  Check the option "University of Northern Iowa - Find it! @ UNI"

6.  Click on Save