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Topics in the Youth Collection

This LibGuide collects single-topic Youth bibliographies and booklists.

Colorism: Introduction

Colorism is a pervasive social issue that involves discrimination based on skin color, typically favoring lighter skin tones over darker ones. It exists within various cultures and is deeply rooted in historical, cultural, and economic contexts. In some Asian societies, such as India, light skin is often associated with beauty and social status, leading to the widespread use of skin-lightening products. Similarly, in parts of Africa, including some communities in Nigeria and South Sudan, preferences for lighter skin are evident in societal standards of beauty. In Latin America, particularly in countries like Brazil and Mexico, colorism manifests through social hierarchies influenced by European colonial history. This phenomenon underscores the need for ongoing discussions and efforts to challenge and dismantle colorist attitudes, promoting inclusivity and celebrating the beauty of diverse skin tones across the globe. This guide presents Youth Collection books that focus on this crucial topic.

Colorism: Picture Books/ Easy Readers

Colorism: Chapter Books/ Young Adult Novels