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Library Research Training

Module 1: Explore Rod Library

This module is designed to help you answer commonly asked questions at the desk the first few weeks of classes. 

After completing this module, you will be able to...

  • locate rooms, spaces, and collections in the library using floor maps. 
  • identify question types and determine if/when a referral is appropriate. 
  • refer questions accurately to library staff, liaison librarians, and library departments. 
  • find known books, use limiters in Refine My Results, retrieve generated citations, save permalinks, and discover related materials using Virtual Browse in OneSearch, the library catalog.

Need help or have a question? Contact Claire Bowling ( 

Floor Maps 

Staff Directories 

Patrons (what we call library users) often approach the desk asking for a staff member's contact information. Browse each of the staff directories to familiarize yourself with finding a staff member's job title, office location, email, and phone number. 

Use the staff directories to answer...

  • "What is the Youth Services Librarian's email?" 
  • "I was told I need to contact the Access Services Coordinator. Who is that?" 

Note: Do not share contact information of other student employees, including another student's work schedule. We want to keep each student safe and respect their right to privacy. 

Spaces, Services, & Resources 

Question Types & Referrals 

Liaison Librarians 

A liaison librarian is a librarian who is an expert researcher in a particular field. Each major and department on campus has an attached liaison librarian who is available for referrals. 

Use the liaison librarian list to connect students to the expert research in their major/department...

Patron: "Hello! I am a graduate student in the social work program and I need to find resources for my paper." 

You: "I will help get you started in the social work databases, but I would recommend scheduling a research consultation with our liaison librarian, Anne Marie Gruber. She is an expert researcher in the field of social work." 



Respond to one of the following questions in the Padlet. Include your name and unit in the Title section. You may also include a work appropriate GIF of a favorite animal, character, or anything else which brings you joy! Comments are optional, but highly encouraged :)  

  • What did you find useful or interesting about this module? 
  • Veterans, what do you think everyone working in the library should know to be prepared for the first few weeks of classes? 

New to Padlet? Step-by-step instructions, including how to add a GIF. 

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