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Formatting Your Thesis/Dissertation: 6. Appendices

Learn about Graduate College formatting requirements.



If the work contains any appendices, these will immediately follow the reference/bibliography entries and all pages will be numbered continuously since the start of the body of the work. The appendix may contain tables of data that would interfere with easy reading of the text, development of mathematical treatments, very long quotations, schedules, forms, inventories, samples of test items, surveys, illustrative materials, and any other supplementary material considered worthy of recording or too detailed to be included in the text. If diverse materials are included, they should be grouped into categories and each category labeled as a separate appendix: APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B, etc. If there is only one appendix: label the start of the content APPENDIX. These headings will be formatted like chapter headings (meaning they are also linked to Heading 1 and should have a soft return to start the title of the appendix on the next line if applicable).

APPENDIX A followed by a soft return indicator and the TITLE OF APPENDIX typed in all capital letters and linked to Heading 1 in the styles menu