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Open Educational Resources (OER) & Textbook Equity

UNI Textbook Equity Mini-grant Program: APPLICATION PAGE

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Application Resources

Why is Textbook Equity important at UNI?

We aspire that all UNI students have access to high-quality course materials that are: affordable, accessible, and inclusive. Why? Findings from an April 2021 survey of 688 UNI students indicate:

  • 61% reported sharing a book 

  • 48% reported avoiding the purchase of required texts 

  • 29% reported changing sections or avoiding registering for a specific course/section due to textbook costs 

  • 19% reported dropping a course or taking fewer courses due to textbook costs 

Nationally, we know that students face many educational barriers, including challenges accessing course materials. 

Transitioning to free course materials can reduce course withdrawal rates by an average of 29% (Clinton & Khan, 2019; n=78,000); students benefit the most who are non-white, Pell-eligible, international, and/or part-time (Colvard, Watson, & Park, 2018; Delgado, Delgado & Hilton, 2019). For a comprehensive review of the literature regarding efficacy of OER, see