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Open Educational Resources (OER) & Textbook Equity

Rod Library Services for Publishing Open Educational Resources (OER)


"My students were absolutely thrilled when they found out they did not have to purchase a textbook for this course."
-Dr. Erika Bass, Assistant Professor of English Education, editor of Critical Writing about Literature: ENG 2120.


Whether you want to adapt existing openly-licensed material, share your own teaching materials with the world, or create a new workbook, textbook, or lab manual entirely from scratch, Rod Library can provide various levels of support for open publishing projects. 

Services we currently provide for OER authors:

  • Project management support

  • Assistance with determining and documenting fair use of copyrighted materials

  • Assistance considering accessibility best practices

  • Guidance about licensing options for the final free work 

  • Assistance facilitating peer review for open textbooks

  • Archiving final works in UNI ScholarWorks & assistance with publicizing

  • Providing resources for faculty to advocate that OER-related work “count” for promotion, tenure, and faculty evaluation


We do not currently provide:

  • Copyediting (note that Research & Sponsored Programs may maintain a list of freelance editors)
  • Extensive work with copyright permissions

Want to find out more? Contact your liaison librarian and Anne Marie Gruber, Textbook Equity Librarian. We will meet with you to discuss your project and determine how Rod Library can best support you.

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