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Open Educational Resources (OER) & Textbook Equity

How do I even start if I'm thinking about textbook equity/affordability?

What if I want to share course materials I've created or modify/customize something listed here?

Whether you have a homegrown course "packet" or aspire to create an entire textbook, Rod Library can support you in creating, licensing, and sharing materials that you intend to be free of charge. This includes modifying existing materials that are openly-licensed. Details:

Open Textbooks in Business

Below are selected Open Educational Resources (OER) in the business, with an emphasis on resources used by other Iowa colleges/universities as well as textbooks reviewed in the Open Textbook Library or by relevant associations. Some free resources may be included that aren't technically OER because they do not have open licenses. Be sure to evaluate each resource for quality and usage rights. Can't find a free text that's just right? No text is perfect, but only open texts are licensed for you to modify to better meet our UNI students' needs. Software and support is available!

For all business open textbooks in Open Textbook Library, see
Subcollections are available for Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, and Marketing. Saylor Academy also has a collection of open textbooks in Accounting, Advertising/Sales/Marketing, General Business, Management/Leadership, Business Law/Ethics, etc.

For more, use the Find Open Textbooks tab on the left side of this guide. Rod Library's OneSearch also includes some open textbooks as well as licensed ebooks; note that if you plan to use a library-licensed ebook for a course, you need to notify your liaison librarian well in advance (more on textbooks & library ebooks).

Sample Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Programs

Selected Free Resources by Program