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Open Educational Resources (OER) & Textbook Equity

What is Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)?

ZTC stands for Zero Textbook Cost. It means a degree, major, program, or pathway that students can earn without paying for any textbook. It takes textbook equity to the next level, moving from a course-by-course approach to a programmatic approach, which can positively impact students throughout a program. Nationally, ZTC programs began with Associates Degrees, but increasingly Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are transitioning to ZTC. ZTC degree programs are often called a "Z-degree".

How can Rod Library help my department?

Rod Library faculty can help facilitate any department/program-level conversations about the potential to move toward a ZTC model while maintaining instructor academic freedom. We also would assist with goal-setting and keep track of progress toward a ZTC major/program/pathway. Departments interested in discussing what ZTC could look like should contact the Textbook Equity Librarian, Anne Marie Gruber, at or (319) 273-3711.